Saturday, September 26, 2009

A warm welcome

Assalamualaikum, a warm greeting to all Muslims in the world.
This blog of mine which has just been created on this day forth- 27th September 2009 will be of the things that I have experienced through out my years since I've embraced Islam back in 2004. The journey itself was not smooth for sure... as I gradually learn that God himself puts a test for every follower of His. Please, feel free to share your own views especially for those who are newly converted Muslims. I'm sure our experiences vary. There are no special reasons of why I chose to blog out my experiences. It's just that I personally feel that nobody will really understand what each and every one of us went through for each of us faces different tests each day.

A short story of myself

Yours truly embraced Islam back in 2004. The idea of embracing Islam honestly wasn't that clear at that moment. It was just a brief thought of embracing Islam first and then gradually learn the religion from there itself. What opened up my mind and got me interest in Islam was the many different lifestyle of my own friends who are born Muslim. In some cases, I see them being organized and that their life was with answers of 'whats' and 'whys' in which many might ask. I also did some research in the internet of why certain things are being banned or illegal within the religion. The main thing that got me liking Islam was when I saw many pictures of what He did to show of His presence. With pictures of how His name appeared in fruits, vegetables, on fishes, on the earth, on the moon and even on the forehead of some children; I felt His presence.

The very thought of embracing Islam was firm on my mind; but somehow it was the people around me whom I thought were friends who turned it all up side down. Imagine, the very next day after all procedures embracing Islam was official; the people whom I called 'friends' eventually started turning a cold shoulder on me. Being the only girl among a group of mostly Muslim boys, they insisted of me staying home after Maghrib. Honestly, even up to date; not all these 'friends' greeted me the Muslim way. When all that I learned was from what they've been talking about all the time, it turned out that they do not practice it themselves.

Of course, God is great. As He has promised to test each and every one of us, He began giving me one of the hardest test: a week after I embraced Islam was the fasting month. The following tests which came after that includes myself being homeless and penniless where I almost had to beg for food. There were nights when I cried myself to one or two of my friends asking if embracing Islam was the right choice should these be the 'fate' that He has arranged for me. It was also there and then when He who has promised to test you with the darkest and hardest road to walk then puts a golden rose along the road to lighten it for a while. It was also one of the thing that got me remembering of who, what and where I am right now. One guy that I've just met for a few months had always been there whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on. It was his words that kept me going up till today. He said to me, that I should be thankful for He has given me the hardest road to walk on for those who were given the harder roads were often close to Him. He said those whose life are easy is because God does not care about them at all. This friend of mine is the only one who said he's jealous of me because God has chosen me to embrace Islam. In other words, he said God paid more attention to me rather than to others whose life were way much better than mine.
I kept those words of his up until today. I also thank God for making him that 'golden rose' to lighten my road.

Probably like many others, I almost lost my own family for embracing Islam. It was almost 2 years that I could not go back home to see my family at all for partly I was ashamed to meet them and also it was rather hard for them to accept the fact that I'm a Muslim. And like how He has promised to return the favor for you to savor, I'm glad that my family can finally accept the fact that I'm with a different religion and that I am still the same person.

Of course, the journey that He has set for me does not end here. After 5 years, the ups and downs that I've been through was not easy yet, I am thankful for where and what I am now.

Moving on

Please read my blog at your own risk. As my first & introduction blog, I would like to express my apologies should I accidentally hurt one's feelings reading my blog. It's nothing, really. Just that some things are better off left on a journal than said verbally. Also, just a brief information of what I'll be putting up on this blog: personal thoughts of being a Muallaf @ Muslim and perhaps, speaking of rights of being a Muslim.
Therefore, hope to meet up again soon.



  1. Salam alaykum, i have just moved to malaysia having been a Muslim for about three years, What i was hoping for from the Malay muslims and what i got were two very different things I have a long beard, wear a jubah at the mosque prayed there for a month before 1 single person offered me salam!!!!! ONE MONTH! of waiting for Salam in new Zealand i wouldnt wait 5 seconds from entering the amsjid before I got a salam. Your blog speaks many truths I am horribly finding out much to my own sadness and greif :( good to know Im not the only one having to go through this

  2. kak..kenapa stop blogging??saya suka baca blog kakak..saya suka dengar pendapat kakak.. <3

  3. It's hard indeed to be a Muslim revert in Malaysia...not much support is there for any... truly I say to you, your journey is a wonderful beginning to an awesome end...keep a steadfast heart and grip it hard...for all these we experiences in not to be compared with what we going to see or have in akhirat (jannah). InsyaAllah...aamin.

  4. Asalamualaikum,
    you are well said from bottom of your heart. very true and the truth cant deniable